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Outpatient Surgery Centers

The migration of elective procedures to the outpatient’s centre is challenging existing staff and patient workflows. The VitalStream wireless monitoring system will streamline hemodynamic and vital signs monitoring, reducing the burden on staff by moving with the patient from preop to surgery to PACU and discharge. VitalStream automatically generates comprehensive electronic reports simplifies documentation.

Doctors in ICU geting Vitalstream ready
Lady in a hospital wearing a vitalstream Blood Pressure Monitor

Long-Term Care

VitalStream enables the remote, continuous monitoring of long-term, non-acute patient from their home by delivering clinical grade wireless patient monitoring remotely. Thus, reducing the burden on patients and medical staff and increases patient engagement in their care, while enabling rapid response and early intervention in emergency situations.

Chronic Care

Patients with chronic medical conditions requiring regular treatment and monitoring can enjoy the more comfortable experience of VitalStream’s non-invasive monitoring. VitalStream monitors hemodynamic and physiological parameters beat-by-beat to ICU standards, eliminating manual vital sign charting with automatic recording, which generates complete hemodynamic reports with waveforms.

Patient gating ready to put on vitalstream blood pressure monitor
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