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Acute Care Monitoring

Emergency Monitoring Services

During a medical emergency, every beat and every second are vital. The VitalStream saves precious time by eliminating wires, simplifying workflow, providing automatic measurement, and reporting of key physiological parameters. The VitalStream Cloud enables physicians in any emergency room to remotely access real-time patient data and prepare the treatment plan while the patient is on the way to the hospital. Streamline your workflow during admission and triage, stay mobile, and never miss a beat made possible by VitalStream.

blurred image of someone in a hospital wearing Vitalstream Blood Pressure Monitor
Doctors in Theater Using Vitalstream Beat-by-Beat" Blood Pressure, Vital Signs

Critical Care in Hospital

Early identification of changes in blood pressure is essential in critical care. Deterioration in a patients’ condition can happen between routine vital sign observations, putting patients at risk. VitalStream provides real-time acute care, monitoring continuous beat-by-beat vital signs, providing the data required for rapid response and early intervention.

On The General Floor

VitalStream’s wireless, beat-by-beat blood pressure and vital sign monitoring saves time by releasing the patient from an uncomfortable invasive monitor. The approved Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology and finger sensor enable continuous, non-invasive beat-by-beat blood pressure monitoring within AAMI accuracy standards.

Patient wearing Vitalstream Beat-by-Beat" Blood Pressure, Vital Signs
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