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The Worlds Most Innovative Wireless Vital Signs Monitor

Continuous Hemodynamic Monitoring

VitalStream is an innovative monitoring device, which continuously and non-invasively measures and reports ICU quality real-time data. VitalStream replaces invasive catheter-based technology with a simple finger sensor and a patented algorithm measure which reports key physiological parameters beat-by-beat. Studies have shown that VitalStream non-invasive measurements correlate to gold standard invasive catheter measurements.

Man in a hospital wearing a vitalstream Blood Pressure Monitor

How is Caretaker Different

VitalStream is designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients by making advanced ICU level hemodynamic and physiological monitoring more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective. As patients move within the hospital, from remote facilities, or from the patient’s own home, VitalStream reports vital signs data via a wearable device that wirelessly transmits. Thus setting a new standard in mobility, simplicity, and cost for continuous real-time monitoring.

Why the need for Caretaker

Until now, reliable cNIBP monitoring has only been achieved by using invasive catheters or expensive machines, and has therefore been largely restricted to critical care settings. VitalStream provides a low-cost, comfortable and practical alternative, reporting ICU quality data that’s accessible virtually anywhere. Intermittent blood pressure measurements, using cumbersome arm cuffs, have been found to be susceptible to errors and to leave patients at risk during the interval between nurse observations. VitalStream mitigates both these risks by gathering blood pressure data continuously and reporting it directly via its wireless connection.

Persons Hand with a vitalstream blood pressure monitor
Tablet with Vitalstream Beat-by-Beat" Blood Pressure Monitor

How Caretaker 4 works

VitalStream gathers patient data via a finger sensor and Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology and sends it wirelessly to a central monitor. By integrating low power Bluetooth, it functions as a “wearable hub,” collecting data from other Bluetooth devices such as Glucometers, Weight Scales, Thermometers, Spirometers, etc. In addition to its approved cNIBP, Heart Rate, and pulse waveform functions, VitalStream keeps healthcare staff informed about changing health conditions of a patient, enabling early intervention and rapid response immediately as the conditions deteriorate.

What Data Does VitalStream Measure?

VitalStream measures vital signs and hemodynamic parameters, including HR, RR, Systolic, Diastolic, MAP, Sp02, ETC02, Temperature. Future measurements will include Cardiac Output, Stroke Volume, LVET, HRV, Arterial Stiffness and Haemorrhage Detection.


A finger sensor picks up the arterial pulse pressure waveform.


Temperature and weight parameters are gathered from other Bluetooth devices.


The Pulse Decomposition Algorithm (PDA) analysis arterial pressure waveforms.


The encrypted data is sent wirelessly to a secure cloud or Bluetooth device.

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