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Tuberculosis (TB) Awareness

BHA Medical is committed to supporting the fight against tuberculosis (TB) through various initiatives.

Our efforts include raising awareness about the disease, providing diagnostic and treatment services to patients, and collaborating with other organizations to develop innovative solutions to address the challenges of TB.

We also support research and advocacy efforts aimed at reducing the global burden of TB. Through our work, BHA Medical is making a significant contribution to the efforts to eradicate TB and improve the lives of those affected by the disease.

If you would like to understand more about tuberculosis (TB) you can take a look at our Blog to gain insight.


TB IgG/IgM Combo Rapid Test

The TB IgG/IgM Combo Rapid Test is a reliable and efficient lateral flow rapid chromatographic immunoassay that is designed for the quick and simultaneous detection and differentiation of anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. TB) IgM and IgG in human serum, plasma, or whole blood. This test is intended to be used by medical professionals to provide a preliminary result for the diagnosis of M. TB infections, with results available within 15 minutes.

The test is highly accurate, with an IgM-positive result indicating a fresh M. TB infection, while an IgG-positive result suggests a previous or chronic infection. Additionally, the test uses M. TB-specific antigens 7-9, enabling it to detect IgM antibodies even in individuals recently vaccinated with BCG who may have been exposed to M. TB.


The TB IgG/IgM Combo Rapid Test is incredibly user-friendly and can be easily performed by minimally skilled personnel without requiring any cumbersome laboratory equipment. The simple procedure involves adding one drop of the specimen and one drop of sample diluent, with results available within 10-15 minutes.


Other key features of this test include:

  • Its ability to simultaneously detect and differentiate anti-TB IgG and IgM

  • It uses blood specimens instead of sputum for easier specimen collection

  • Its effectiveness in aiding the diagnosis of pulmonary and extrapulmonary TB.

Each package of the TB IgG/IgM Combo Rapid Test includes:

  • 30 Individually packed cassette devices

  • 30 Plastic droppers

  • 1 Sample Diluent (5mL/bottle)

  • 1 Package Insert

  • 1 Instructions for use (IFU)


Overall, this test provides a reliable, accurate, and user-friendly solution for the preliminary diagnosis of M. TB infections.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Relative Sensitivity 87.2%

  • Relative Specificity 94.6%

  • ​Relative Agreement 93.2%

To learn more about this test kit and access instructions for use, please click on the buttons below. If you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact one of our team members.

TB IgG/IgM Combo Rapid Test IFU

Approved / Registered Test Kits

We prioritize the safety and reliability of our medical test kits, which is why all of our products are approved and registered by Regulatory Authority Bodies. This product is approved by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAPHRA), ISO 13485 Certified and CE Marked. Please note that these test kits are only available in South Africa (SA).

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