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Person With a Phone With iMed Self Testing & Monitoring Covid-19 App - Covid-19 Management Tool BHA Medical
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Global iMed is an end-to-end Covid-19 testing and monitoring solution

Make self-testing easy in the workplace with the Global iMed Mobile app. 

An end-to-end Disease management solution…

COVID-19 is still a disease of concern, and with that, it is important to recognise the importance of an opt-in and consent-driven COVID-19 clearance and compliance platform. BHA Medical in partnership with NPH Group developed a technology solution that provides, secure and convenient access to COVID-19 test results and statuses.

The end-to-end COVID-19 solution is a combination of a system called Test Manager which integrates seamlessly with a mobile application called Global iMed.

In addition to working as a passport solution, Global iMed and Test Manager provide one end-to-end solution which can:
• Send results directly to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) or other national databases
• Display and print medical certificates
• Send notifications and alerts to users
• Provide time-limited test results
• Create QR codes for gatekeepers at events
• Book appointments for face-to-face appointments
• Integrate with other management and monitoring platforms

With this solution, we aim to help keep businesses, like the travel, leisure, sport, and hospitality sectors open. It is vital that we continue to provide a solution that provides clarity, respects the privacy of our customers, and promotes equitable access to society whilst protecting the health of the Nation. This is and will continue to be the challenge of our time - living with COVID-19. Through BHA Medical and NPH Group, the solution is here.

Global iMed Mobile App

Make self-testing easy in the workplace with the Global iMed Mobile app. Global iMed is an end-to-end Covid-19 testing and monitoring solution, developed in partnership with NPH Group to assist in collating and managing test results to help keep travel, leisure, events, and entertainment open and safe. One of the first independent online test verification systems in the world, Global iMed is a leading solution for testing, managing, and monitoring all of your Infectious Disease needs.

iMed App doing a covid-19 self test
iMed App Side Screen
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What is Test Manager?

Don’t allow COVID-19 to disrupt your business any more than it has. Test Manager is an online platform designed to help businesses stay legally compliant by reporting test results within 24hrs of a test. It’s a fast, simple, secure, and UKHSA-approved way to submit your test data.

Our trusted partner NPH Group has simplified the process of reporting test result data for you through our online platform which makes capturing the required data for submission easy, while easily recalling individuals for repeat testing and submissions. We have created a fully compliant and automatic upload capability, so you don’t have to worry about it, with a cost-effective solution so you’ll have none of the worries.

With Global iMed providing end-users with instant access to their health status, integrated with Test Manager; our end-to-end solution has protected thousands of individuals and businesses. For the first time, people have instant access to personal COVID-19 testing and reporting solutions.



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Person using iMed app as a Covid-19 Self testing passport

Our Services

BHA Medical’s team of experts can provide your business with expert consulting, helping to formulate COVID-19 testing and action plans, in addition to consulting on matters to do with global testing and travelling during restrictions, screening, and work-specific testing guidance. 

In addition to providing industry-leading procurement solutions for businesses and individuals around the world, BHA Medical is committed to ensuring safe testing sites to aid in the fight against COVID-19.


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Testing for Covid-19 for Virgin Voyages

BHA Medical are proud partners of NPH Group. We continue to work closely with them offering an end-to-end COVID-19 testing, verification, and monitoring solution using the NPH iMed App.
NPH Group has been awarded a contract to supply onsite and postal COVID-19 testing services to Virgin Voyages in support of their new cruise ships, Valiant Lady and Resilient Lady and Scarlet Lady, into UK, US and Mediterranean waters.

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